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Letter to Parents - Remote Learning

Dear Parents,

Good afternoon everyone! I hope that you and all your families are well and keeping safe.

Well, we have reached the end of another week and we have been delighted with the enthusiasm of the children in their live sessions and independent learning and we have received wonderful work here at school. Thank you for all the support from home and the lovely messages and support sent in or communicated by telephone.

Live sessions:

We have tried our best to avoid live English lessons for each class happening at the same times. Some overlap may be inevitable, but we have been really pleased to have close to 100% attendance for all the live sessions. The lessons are modified a bit from what would normally be the case if all the children in school, but the great element of interactivity (which is key in Primary learning) has led to some very impressive learning. If you do have any timing clashes in live reading group times for siblings (or live PSHE sessions), please let us know asap as we may be able to change the group members if we have missed any overlap of time schedule here. The key / critical worker children in class have been excited to see their friends on the screen and it is lovely to have them all learning ‘together’ for at least part of the day.

We have been as careful as possible to have a ‘blended and balanced’ approach of live, recorded (eg Maths White Rose lessons) and independent work to enable families some flexibility on time for some of the study due to working from home, caring responsibilities and having a number of siblings (some primary and secondary!) all trying to learn from home at the same time. A huge well done to all the children and parents as the vast majority of you have ensured your children have kept up and engaged very well in all the key areas of learning.

Computers and online access:

We have loaned several computers to those families without or those with several siblings in the house and we do still have some capacity to help out further if anyone else would benefit from borrowing one. For example, if sibling sharing is difficult with not enough devices. If you are struggling with data allowances, we may be able to signpost help for you from companies – please do not hesitate to contact us. Please do not worry if you have an internet or device failure in the home and cannot re-join a live sessions as the work for the sessions is detailed on the plan for the week’s study under the relevant day.

Welfare and Contact:

The easiest and main point of contact, in addition to the live sessions, is the direct email with the teacher. Many of you have sent some wonderful work by this method and have sought help and advice directly from the teacher which is great.

For those parents of children not attending school in person: 

If you require a phone call because of an urgent matter, please send an email message to the teacher to request this. The vast majority of help and communication is conducted by email and it is the best way to ensure the system is manageable. As many of you have commented appreciatively, the staff are extremely dedicated and you have been very pleased with the help and encouragement received. Staff have children in front of them in class to teach daily as well as their usual total of 30 children and families to attend to so any calls / emails will be returned as soon as is possible. For families at home staff will make telephone contact with them once in every 2 week period to check on welfare and well-being. (Enquires / questions about the work are best made by email contact). In addition to this, please request by email a call for help if urgent in the meantime. For children not attending a scheduled live session, contact will be made by a member of staff.

For parents of children attending school:

The method of contact is with the teacher at the end of the day (child collection time 3:15pm) by talking at safe distance face to face (masked). Please reserve the request by email for a telephone call for urgent requests for help. Email help with work and study is of course available.

Different arrangements are in place as communicated privately already for specified EHCP / individual vulnerability child cases.

National Helplines:

Under the ‘Safeguarding’ tab of the school website are a list of vital support service contacts which cover a wide variety of assistance / advice that directly helps with specific problems: eg trauma, welfare or assistance for families, children and in the home.

Policies, Procedures and Provision of Remote Learning:

Documents on Online Learning Policy and Procedure and Details for Parents as to Remote Learning Provision are on the school website. As you are aware, full plans for the week’s learning for each class are under the class tab on our school website. If you require any printouts, they will be available for collection from the school entrance foyer.

Online Safety:

This is vitally important. All participants are held in a waiting room before the live session. The register is taken and visual recognition on the screen is important identification. The following websites may be useful for you to help with online safety:

Once again, thank you for the overwhelming support for the school and for your children’s learning and we are always delighted to receive constructive feedback and comments as we continue to refine and develop learning for the children in these different times. We are thoroughly looking forward to being able to welcome all of the children back to school as we miss them!

Pleas all take care and stay safe.

Kind regards

Mr Paul Sully