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Equality at Beehive

Equality Statement

At Beehive Lane Primary School we believe that every member of our school community has the right to receive education or employment in an environment which is free from prejudice. Every pupil has the right to receive the best possible education.

We are committed to providing all our pupils with an equal opportunity to thrive in a setting free from discrimination in all its forms. We strive to be a school where adults and children, whatever their race, religion, gender, sex, orientation, abilities, family and social circumstances, will find safety and respect for themselves, their families and their traditions. Our policy should ensure that every member of our community respects others and is respected, achieves his or her full potential and is welcomed and valued.

We act to:

  • Ensure that pupils have the opportunity to reach their potential in all areas of school life;
  • ensure that parents and pupils can make choices free from prejudice and stereotyping;
  • Oppose any form of racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination;
  • Value every pupil's language and cultural background;
  • Promote respect between cultures and religions.

equality plans and reviews 2012 2022 and new plan 2022 24.pdf